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The History of Pirates
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The History of Pirates is a well organized primer on pirates from ancient times to the present day.

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“S.R. Staley transports you back to a time when the flapping of canvas, the roar of ships' cannons, and the flash of cutlasses are seen through the smell of gunpowder and smoke. The Pirate of Panther Bay, the young Isabella, prowls the seas. She is dogged by a Spanish man-o-war commanded by a dashing young Spaniard who also commands her heart. A great adventure romance!”
-- Robert, Chapel Hill, NC

The Panther Bay Island Packet
26 June 2007


I. London's classic Seawolf review added
II. "A grand high seas adventure!"
III. Most popular bios
IV. Most popular book reviews
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I. Jack London classic Seawolf review added

Jack London is one of America's first best selling authors, making his mark writing compelling sea-faring adventures. One of the classics is Seawolf, the story of a young man pressed into service against his will on a seal hunting schooner.

London's descriptive powers of life at sea are ruggedly realistic and captivating. The captain of the schooner, Wolf Larsen, is cunning, ruthless, and surprisingly intellectual, ranking him as one of the most complex and layered villains we've read in literature. But it's not all high-seas adventure. Somehow, London is even able to weave in romance. Read the Seawolf review here.

II. "A grand high seas adventure."

The most recent review of The Pirate of Panther Bay comes from, where the reviewer writes the story is "A grand high seas adventure any teen would love; many adults as well." The descriptive elements of the book, she continues, "allows the reader to…feel the intense emotions as the sword fights and cannon fire fuel the imagination…. A nice blend of history and adventure." The full review can be found here.

Isabella and her exploits were also reviewed by Cindy Vallar, one of the most prolific authors and writers on things piratical on the web. Writing in her engaging and informative Pirates and Privateers newsletter, Cindy says “This adventurous tale takes a circuitous journey that remains true to the real world of pirates and Spain’s desire to reign over the New World.” She also praises the books twists and turns. "While Isabella's attraction to a Spaniard seems strange based on her life experiences so far, it is rewarding to find a Spaniard who isn’t portrayed as the enemy." Her full review can be found here.

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III. Most popular bios

Based on page requests through the week ending 25 June 2007, the pirate bios with the most page views were:

  • Cheng I Sao, the pirate fleet captain from China; See also how Cheng I Sao's legacy became part of "Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End" here.
  • Ann Bonny, one of the most famous of the female pirates in the Caribbean;
  • Edward "Blackbeard" Teach, perhaps the most notorious pirate of the so-called Golden Age.

All the bios can be found in the "Pirates in History" section of

IV. Most popular book reviews

Based on page requests through the week ending 25 June 2007, the pirate bios with the most page views were:

All the book reviews can be accessed in the "Resources on Pirates" section of

V. Referring web sites

Most visitors to our web site come directly from their homepage and browsers. The most popular search engines and web sites sending visitors to our site over the past month, ranked by frequency, were: